New on the battery market: GoodWe storage system

New product on the battery market: GoodWe now offers the Lynx Home U low-voltage battery. It is designed for domestic applications and comes with a full range of features. What can the GoodWe storage system exactly do?

GoodWe introduces Lynx Home U into the storage market, a new 48 V storage system. Together with the GoodWe inverters, it forms a complete all-in-one system. Its usable capacity is 4.8 kWh. Up to 6 battery units can be connected in parallel to an inverter. This allows you to expand the usable battery capacity to up to 28.8 kWh.

Lynx Home U is compatible with the GoodWe inverters of the ES, EM and SBP series. The battery is cleared for release for those countries in which compatible inverters are already available. The storage system is emergency power capable and can supply one phase electricity in the event of power outages.

Storage system installation

The GoodWe storage system has dimensions of 570 x 505 x 175 mm (H x W x D). With its IP65 protection class, you can install it both indoors and outdoors. The operating temperature during charging is 0-50 °C, and the discharge temperature from -10 to 50 °C. In winter, you should consider a Depth of Discharge (DOD) of -10 % per month below 0 °C when installing the battery outdoors.


Installation GoodWe storage system

You can install the storage system on the floor or hang it on the wall. If you mount several batteries next to each other on a wall, you must create a distance of 300 mm. If the batteries hang one below the other, you only have to create a distance of 200 mm. For floor installation, a solid surface is essential.

You can install the battery via plug-and-play. The parallel connection of the battery is automatically recognised. Battery modules do not have to be separately parametrised for this purpose. For each battery unit you need a PE grounding cable, which has to be crimped. In addition, you need a communication cable (RJ45) and a power cable. Start-up will then take place through the GoodWe PV Master App.

Combination of GoodWe storage system and inverter

The GoodWe battery can be combined with the inverters of the GoodWe EM series (1-phase hybrid inverters) as well as the AC-coupled SBP battery inverters.

Inverter series GW3048-EM
AC power(kVA) 3,0 / 3,68 / 4,6 3,68 /4,6
DC power kW 1/2/2 MPPT 3,9 /4,6/6,5
Battery power kW 2,6 3,8/5,1
Nominal power kVA 2,3 3,68/5,0

Table: Inverters compatible with the GoodWe storage system and corresponding data

For example, you can connect one to three batteries in parallel to an inverter of the EM series. If only one GoodWe Lynx Home U battery is connected to an EM series inverter, the charging and discharging time of the battery is about 2 hours and the usable capacity of 4.8 kWh.

If 2 batteries are connected in parallel to an EM series inverter, this results in approx. 4 h charging and discharging time. In this case, the usable storage capacity is 9.6 kWh. By connecting 3 batteries, you increase the charging and discharging time to 6 hours and the usable storage capacity to 14.4 kWh.

Charge and discharge current
Product 1
LX U5.4-L
LX U5.4-L
LX U5.4-L
LX U5.4-L
LX U5.4-L
LX U5.4-L
Usable energy 4,8 kWh 9,6 kWh 14,4 kWh 19,2 kWh 24,0 kWh 28,8 kWh
50 A (2,56 kW) GW3048-EM/
~ 2 h ~ 4 h ~ 6 h ~ 8 h ~ 11 h ~ 13 h
75 A (3,84 kW) GW3648D-ES/
~ 2 h ~ 3 h ~ 4 h ~ 6 h ~ 7 h ~ 8 h
100 A (5,12 kW) GW5048D-ES/
~ 2 h ~ 2 h ~ 3 h ~ 4 h ~ 5 h ~ 6 h

Table: Charging and discharging time of the GoodWe battery

The GoodWe battery is certified according to IEC 62619, which certifies the safety of the lithium batteries.

New version coming soon

GoodWe currently offers PV, hybrid and battery inverters in more than 100 countries. With the new Lynx Home U, a complete GoodWe system is now available. This low-voltage battery will soon be followed by a high-voltage version with a stackable design. The high-voltage battery will be compatible with the GoodWe EH  (1-phase) and ET hybrid inverters (3-phase). These high-voltage hybrid inverters received an excellent evaluation during the storage systems inspection held by HTW Berlin.


GoodWe is an established player in the PV market. With the low-voltage and high-voltage versions, the company will be able to cover a wide range of applications. The low-voltage battery boasts simple start-up procedures and an installation process via plug-and-play. With its IP65 protection class, it can also be installed outdoors. Thanks to its stackable design, the upcoming high-voltage version is slightly more space-saving. The battery will be compatible with the high-voltage hybrid inverters of the ET and EH series.


  • GoodWe has now launched the Lynx Home U low-voltage battery with 48 V and 4.8 to 28.8 kWh.
  • The GoodWe storage system is compatible with the GoodWe inverters of the ES, EM and SBP series.
  • GoodWe is also planning to develop a high-voltage battery, which will enable the company to expand its range of applications even further.