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The smarter E Europe 2022 Highlights

The smarter E Europe 2022 highlights

A not-to-be-missed event: The smarter E Europe took place in Munich from the 11th to the 13th May 2022 and brought several new products, Memodo news, intensive conversations and face-to-face meetings with colleagues of the industry. Below we give you an overview and present our highlights related to the Smarter E Europe 2022:
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SMA Tripower X: Designed for the future?

One innovation after another: After the SMA Hybrid inverter, the Kassel-based company has now launched the Sunny Tripower X inverter with improved features and interesting functionalities. Designed for the future?

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Everything from a single manufacturer: SolarEdge Home System 

Now more complete than ever: SolarEdge launches the backup capable Home System. This system is one of several among the new items that joined our product range for domestic systems. We take a look at the SolarEdge Low Voltage Home Battery, the SolarEdge Home Hub inverter and the SolarEdge Home Backup interface. Below we present you the new products and the complete SolarEdge Home System.

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2022 solar modules

Solar modules 2022

New year, new solar modules. Our module manufacturers have come up with great innovations this year. Below we present you our 2022 solar modules and their new features.

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Memodo is expanding

Hello, Hoi, Ciao, Ahoj: We are expanding in Europe

Memodo is expanding in Europe and continues to grow. That’s why we are filling 3 new managerial positions that will contribute to the company’s international growth.
To find out who’s taking up the positions, how Memodo is expanding and where the company currently stands, read more below.

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New on the battery market: GoodWe storage system

New product on the battery market: GoodWe now offers the Lynx Home U low-voltage battery. It is designed for domestic applications and comes with a full range of features. What can the GoodWe storage system exactly do?

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Sungrow storage system and combi solution

News from the Sungrow world. The Sungrow storage system and a complete 3-phase solution are now available. What’s inside the new storage unit and what are the benefits of the combi solution?

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