News from the low-voltage energy storage market: LG RESU 13 replaced by LG RESU 12

Storage solutions, storage solutions, storage solutions: With LG RESU 12, LG launches another 3rd generation 48 V battery on the market. Below we show you the features of the storage unit and why it can be used in an even more flexible way.

Just like LG RESU 13, RESU 12 also belongs to the 3rd generation of 48 V batteries, which technically differ from the previous versions. Besides delivering a peak power of 11.0 kW in backup mode, the storage unit also has a net capacity of 11.7 kWh. Furthermore, the new LG battery is compatible with SMA Sunny Island, the GoodWe inverters and the SolarEdge StorEdge three-phase inverters.

Flexible combinable for even more storage capacity

With the RESU Plus Box, LG RESU 12 can be combined with an additional battery. To compare: The previous version, RESU 13, could only be combined with an identical battery version, while the new 12 kWh storage unit can now be combined with RESU 6.5, 10 or 12.

LG RESU 12: Design preservation

Similarly to RESU 13, LG RESU 12 consists of a single unit and is based on the lithium-ion NMC technology. With a weight of 98.5 kg, it is slightly lighter than RESU 13, but the dimensions of 452 x 626 x 227 mm and the 10-year warranty remain unchanged. Since the connection area for the Ethernet cable is small, we recommend you to use a 90° angled connector. Here the product features at a glance:

Net capacity 11,7 kWh 12,4 kWh
Nominal power 5 kW 5 kW
Peak power in backup mode 11 kW 11 kW
Weight 98,5 kg 99 kg
Dimensions 452 x 626 x 227 mm 452 x 626 x 227 mm

Table: RESU versions comparison


LG RESU 12, produced by the Korean manufacturer LG Energy Solutions, is compatible with inverters of well-known manufacturers: definitely an important advantage in our opinion! LG has made significant improvements to the battery management system. Moreover, in order to expand its capacity, you can flexibly combine LG RESU 12 with other batteries from the RESU series. The storage unit is therefore better applicable and can be tailored to the needs of the end customer. In conclusion, the 48 V battery is in no way inferior to its predecessor from a technical point of view and boasts an easy installation process and a long warranty of 10 years.


  • LG launches a new variant of its LG RESU 13 battery on the market.
  • Although several features remain unchanged, the new battery differs in terms of net capacity and compatibility.
  • The battery is now combinable with other batteries from the RESU series, our favourite feature of the new LG device.