The first Memodo Energy Storage Day in Slovenia

Memodo Slovenia recently organized our first Energy Storage Day event. The goal was to offer participants a comprehensive overview of the most well-known products developed by our manufacturers and an opportunity to learn more about the storage solutions offered by some of the most well-known brands in our portfolio. The Energy Storage Day took place on December 5th at the Camino Center in Petrovče, Slovenia. Four manufacturers
and more than 30 customers attended the event.

Knowing what’s up – introduction into a changing market

Energy Storage Day Slovenia

Photo: Memodo

After accreditation and introductions, time was devoted to the
introductory presentation. Its main focus was to grasp and present the current market situation in the PV sector, along with the current and future market trends.

Another major point was summarizing the main lessons from 2023 with a focus on the changing situation in Slovenia: Here, the NET metering system, which for years was essential to the photovoltaics sector, is increasingly getting replaced by batteries.

Meeting the manufacturers

Energy Storage Day Slovenia

Manufacturerer presentation by GoodWe. Photo: Memodo

Our customers then had the opportunity to meet four manufacturers in the photovoltaics field, which broadened the event’s scope further. The manufacturers present were SolarEdge, GoodWe, Fronius and BYD, the latter of which joined us virtually.

Attendees also were able to visit a product exhibition. Of course, we set time aside for fruitful conversation and networking between Memodos, customers, and manufacturers.


Energy Storage Day Slovenia: A great start

We would like to thank everyone who attended the first Memodo Slovenia event and contributed to its succes. We look forward to deepening our cooperation in the future and many more such events to come!